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Sarah Vaughan, PhD, MPH


Years on BIBB project: 2019-present

Sarah worked as the recruitment site manager in Detroit at St. John and helped process and manage the biospecimens. She now works as a postdoctoral fellow at MSU doing data analysis and writing manuscripts about what we learned from the study.

Sarah graduated with her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of New Mexico in 2013. Her predoctoral research focused on vaccine development and the difference in immunological responses to a vaccine for seasonal influenza compared to a vaccine for highly pathogenic avian influenza. Sarah obtained a Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis in Research Methods in Urban Public Health from Wayne State University in 2020. Sarah is interested in improving birth outcomes for all, with a focus on eliminating racial health disparities surrounding pregnancy and birth. She is especially interested in the relationship between biologic and social factors and the impact of neighborhood environment on birth outcomes. 

St. John Site Manager

Michigan State University

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